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Waiting for My Call

Image by Quino Al
"I was referred to Linda Finds Family through one of my matches, whom she helped locate her father.  I, too, had been looking for my dad for several years and was about to give up."

"It was frustrating because I had his name and knew the area where he was living when I was born in 1975, but I could not for the life of me find him.  Also, my DNA test didn't reveal much else as far as I could tell.  So I decided to contact Linda one evening to tell her my story and to see if she could help.  Within a couple of hours, she got back to me with the phone number and address of my father.  Well, it was late, but I thought I couldn't wait any longer, so I picked up the phone.  He answered, and when I told him who I was, he said he had been waiting for my call.  What a miracle!  Although he lives far away, we talk all the time, and I plan to see him over the holidays.  I am so blessed that Linda helped bring him into my life."



R. T. , Columbia, SC

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