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DNA Test Surprise

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"When I was 48 years old, I took a DNA test to discover more about what I thought were my Russian and Polish Jewish roots. I was shocked when the results came back that I had not even one percentage of Ashkenazi Jewish but was actually Italian and Croatian." 

"The results I received turned my world and identity upside down. I was also deeply confused and saddened to realize my beloved and wonderful family was not biologically related to me. I will always be grateful for them as they are my family but the questions about my biological parents kept haunting me. I wanted to know about them and my Italian and Croatian roots but felt stumped with how to begin my search. It all seemed so overwhelming , I felt lost and did not know where to turn.

To make matters more challenging my DNA results, although revealing my ancestral background, were comprised mostly of distant relatives. The closest DNA match I had was only one second cousin. I also had barely an ounce of information on my birth mom because the adoption was private. I started to research genealogists and found Linda Doyle as a certified genealogist who specialized in adoptees/DNA genealogy on the New York City Library website.


The moment I spoke with Linda I knew I found my genealogist! I felt like I knew Linda forever and was very comfortable sharing my personal story with her. She was so kind, warm and supportive. She also seemed extremely knowledgeable and capable of taking on my very challenging situation of finding my birth parents and figuring out my family tree. Linda created the most impressive family tree that extends back generations from New York City all the way to southern Italy and a small island in Croatia. She also helped me find my birth mom and even helped me prepare for the task of reaching out to her 48 years after my birth. I am proud to say I have a wonderful relationship with my birth mom and feel my amazing family has just grown thanks to Linda. You truly can’t find anyone more knowledgeable, driven and resourceful to help you discover your ancestral roots. Beyond Linda’s talent as a genealogist, you will never find a more caring, kind-hearted and supportive person to guide you along your ancestral research. Anyone lucky enough to work with Linda Finds Family will not be disappointed. I truly believe she was put on this earth to help others discover their roots and in my case heal and rediscover all of who I am. I will be forever grateful for Linda giving me the gift and peace of finding my birth mom, helping me discover my biological roots and supporting me throughout the whole process. Linda Doyle, you are AMAZING and thank you more than words can ever express."

— Lisa A, San Diego, CA

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