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Everyone Knew but Me

"In 2017 my aunt told me that I was adopted because she felt that I needed to know.  This news was crushing at age 57." 

"I had been raised by two very loving parents who had both passed around ten years ago, so I could not talk to them.  I also am an only child, so I had no siblings to turn to.  I took a DNA test to confirm what my aunt had told me, and I was not a match on either my mom's or dad's side of the family. Two cousins then came forward to say that they too had known.  Everyone seemed to know but me.  As for the DNA test on 23andMe--no big revelations, so I tried Ancestry, and I got a half-brother match.  Though this was shocking for him, and that relationship took some time to grow, I am grateful that he is part of my life.  My biological mother sadly had just died five months prior, and this also was a blow.  I now felt a real sense of urgency to find my father.  I decided to hire a professional and found Linda Finds Family on a genealogist website. Linda listened to me and understood the turmoil I was in. She made a research plan, and within the month, she had identified my father and 3 half-siblings. My father had passed in 1986, but my new half-siblings have been very welcoming.  One of them even lives just 10 miles from me.    I was in a bad place when I contacted Linda, and her news has turned my life around. I finally have answers and some peace. I have an enormous amount of gratitude for Linda."   

T. M., Phoenix, AZ

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