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Unexpected Origins

Image by Alisa Anton
"For my husband's 50th birthday, I wanted to surprise him with a trip to Germany to visit where his ancestors lived as he had always dreamed of doing this.  The problem was we didn't know exactly where in Germany his family was from."

 "Because he lost his father at a young age he was very interested in learning more about his paternal family. I hired Linda Finds Family to build his family tree, and we got way more than we expected!  First of all, his family wasn't even from Germany, but Austria and during World War II, some fled to the United States and others to Great Britain. Linda also found some fantastic news articles about his family.  His great uncle was quite an accomplished violinist, and great aunt was on Broadway.  I honestly can't believe that with only his father's name and birth date she was able to gather this much information.  When it came time for our trip, Linda arranged for a local historian to give us a tour of Vienna based on her work.  Months later, I am still talking about this trip--it was remarkable.   Linda Finds Family exceeded all of our expectations--she's a gem!"

— Allison S., Westchester, New York

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