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Adoption Research

Biological Family Research & DNA Analysis

Find your Birth Family

DNA is a powerful tool in genealogy, and how to interpret the results accurately requires expertise and patience. 


Linda Finds Family is discreet and values our client’s privacy.


Services include:

  • Advising on DNA test selection and interpreting your results

  • Identifying matches and understanding their relationship to you

  • Researching all possible DNA matches to determine your birth parents or birth family

  • Developing family trees utilizing DNA results along with online & paper records

  • A fully documented report describing the process, findings and potential next steps

  • Assistance in reuniting with your birth family

Heir Research

Heir Search

Find Missing Heirs

  • Locating Missing, Unknown, or Estranged Parties for Notice or Distribution of Funds in Probate or Intestacy Matters

  • Locating Witness to Wills

  • DNA Kinship Verification 

  • Verification and Completion of Other Third-Party Genealogical Research

  • Vital Record Searches & Obtaining Records to Prove Heirship

  • Family Tree Creation and Validation

  • Court-Accepted Affidavits & Due Diligence Reporting

  • Ethical Research and Investigative Procedures

Investigative Genetic Genealogy
More Services
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