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Success Stories

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DNA Test Surprise

"When I was 48 years old, I took a DNA test to discover more about what I thought were my Russian and Polish Jewish roots. I was shocked when the results came back that I had not even one percentage of Ashkenazi Jewish but was actually"  [...]

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100-Year Mystery

"My father, who recently turned 85, spent his whole life wondering what happened to his grandfather. His own father wouldn’t talk about it and his mother told him not to ask because it was too sad and he didn’t like to be reminded. It bothered my dad his whole life."  [...]


Dead End Search

"I was born at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital in 1956 and had been searching for my birth mother since the early 1990s."  [...]

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Waiting for My Call

"I was referred to Linda Finds Family through one of my DNA matches on, whom she helped locate her father.  I, too, had been looking for my dad for several years and was about to give up."  [...]


Everyone Knew but Me

"In 2017 my aunt told me that I was adopted because she felt that I needed to know.  This news was crushing at age 57." [...]

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Unexpected Origins

"For my husband's 50th birthday, I wanted to surprise him with a trip to Germany to visit where his ancestors lived as he had always dreamed of doing this.  The problem was we didn't know exactly where in Germany his family was from."  [...]


Birthday Gift

"Thanks to Linda Finds Family, I found the brother I never knew I had. For my dad’s 75th birthday, I thought I’d create an expanded family tree for him."  [...]

What our clients are saying . . .

Linda did an outstanding job! I had been trying to find my relative's birth parent using his DNA test results in for years! I had hit a brick wall. With Linda's tremendous knowledge of what those DNA matching percentages mean, she was able to locate my relative's birth parent in about 24 hours, and confirmed it the next day through more matches that she found by hunting through family trees and records on (and other sources). Linda is easy to talk to and answered all of my questions. She did SO much research in such a short time! I hired her on a Friday afternoon, and by Sunday, the birth parent was confirmed. Linda kept me informed on her progress. I highly recommend her to anyone needing genealogical research.  - Patricia H.

Linda is excellent! Before entering into any contract I am crystal clear about my expectations as I want to make sure my project is a good fit for the selected freelancer. Linda answered numerous inquiries and through that exchange, I knew she had the appropriate skill set so I hired her for this project. Linda not only helped me discover missing pieces of my family history but also performed the project with enthusiasm and passion for genealogy research. She is an excellent communicator and consistently updated me with progress. I would recommend her services.  - Shannon D.

Linda is enthusiastic and very good at what she does! I loved working with her on my project and will - WITHOUT A DOUBT - be working with her again! Smart, capable and really EASY to work with... wow. You will be so glad you chose her if you do. I really can't wait to do another project with her. - Toni H. 

I highly recommend Linda! Our project was not easy, and Linda never gave up. She tirelessly worked hard, while consistently staying in contact and providing me updates. Always there to answer my questions with honest and concise information. Her professionalism and thoughtfulness is superior. I feel blessed to have found Linda as she has changed my life . . .  - Jennifer I.

Linda helped me with a special family history research project. Her work was extremely thorough and with lot of care. Her passion for genealogy is clearly shown in her work. She is a true joy to work with! Linda fully immerses herself in her work and helped provide a lot of clarity and a story to help explain past lives of our families. I wish her the best and great success in her continued endeavors! - Mike K.

Linda took a real interest in my search for my biological parents. She had a compassion for things in my ancestry that she was very careful to share until she knew I could process it. She recommended relatives that enjoy ancestry ending up connecting with a cousin and large ancestry trees. -  Ron P.

If you are looking for answers to your genealogy questions, Linda is your lady, she will not disappoint. I will be hiring her again to continue my family journey. Thank you for a great experience."  Stacey P.

Linda has helped me answer many of my genealogy questions. I have enjoyed working with her & I look forward to hiring her again in the future. Communication was a breeze. This was my first experience with her but won’t be my last."  Perry S.

Linda is part detective and part angel. As an adoptee, I had spent decades searching for my birth families. Linda plunged in not just with incredible expertise – her mind is always working! – but also with compassion and enthusiasm.  It was as if she felt every up and down with me. Today, thanks to her, I have found the answers I always longed for – and I have gained a sense of identity and peace … and four sisters!!!! Thank you, Linda. You are a blessing. - Andrea F.

Linda is the BEST !! Fantastic work. Cannot recommend higher.  - David B. Esq.

Linda was extremely professional and helpful. I will definitely reach out to her in the future should I need similar services. - Edward W.

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