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Dead End Search

"I was born at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital in 1956 and had been searching for my birth mother since the early 1990s."

"And while I had my mother's name, I was never able to locate her. I also knew I had six siblings from my Non-Identifying paperwork that New York State provided me. In 2019 I finally decided to ask for some help after having taken a DNA test at I found Linda from the Association of Professional Genealogists, and I knew from our first conversation, this woman was a kind and caring soul. She encouraged me to take a DNA test at since there were no close matches on 23andme. The moment I received my Ancestry results, I shared them with Linda, and within the day, she was giving me information about my mother! Through a new cousin match, I was connected to some of my siblings, who I have now met in person. My family just got a whole lot bigger! Linda is truly a gift from God."

D.W. New York, NY

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